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Rhubarb sauce recipe

Have you ever eaten rhubarb sauce? Until last year it was just another plant for me. I knew it from my childhood as a kind of weed, but nothing more. Until a lady in Sweden...

Stinging nettle recipe 0

Stinging nettle puree recipe

Do you think stinging nettle is just another annoying weed in your garden? Whenever you try to get to make your garden need and tidy again you stumble upon these greens. Usually stinging nettle grows...

6 Remarkable Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle 6

6 Remarkable Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle

“Mankind does not realize how valuable stinging nettle is or it would plant Stinging Nettles only.” Maria Treben, Austrian author and herbalist, author of “Health Through God’s Pharmacy”. Did you know that the stinging nettle can...