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Simple wisdom for complicated lives. Go Slow Living helps you find your balance-mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Make the most out of your life step by step.


Good things take time. Make one step at a time towards more balance, more energy and more happiness.


In our fast-paced world life can sometimes be quite hectic. You are flooded with information that comes your way with breakneck speed. Emails, articles, blog posts, tweets – you never feel a shortage of ideas. To get information on whatever matters to you is no problem these days. For many of us, this brings a lot of tension and quite often you feel like you are drowning.

Applying all this knowledge is when it becomes even tougher.

This is where goslowliving.com will help you out. GoSlowLiving.com is all about helping you to apply the simple wisdom out there in your everyday life. Here you will find tiny bits of practical and easy tips on how to balance your day.


Carve a bit of “Me time” out of your busy day. Stop, breathe and just be!

Make one step at a time towards more balance, more energy and more happiness.


The Go Slow Living blog features stories, insights and tips on holistic, more balanced, sustainable and conscious life, work, family, leisure time, travel, fashion and more.


@ GoSlowLiving.com you will find practical and easy to apply, down to earth inspiring blog posts. Health, happiness, mindfulness, food, work and productivity, self-improvement, fashion, living environment are the blueprint here. Some have their roots in spiritual teaching, some come from simple but yet practical folk wisdom. In the end, it’s all about small ideas that make sense and make a big difference when applied.


Who’s behind Go Slow Living?


Hi, I’m Elena, a high-sensitive person (HSP), mother, compassionate & carrying.

A degree in Business and Economics, a career path in marketing and communications and life as a mother. Two opposites of the often hard and direct business world and the gentle and warm care for others. Both have shaped me as a person during my life journey.

Gifted with sensitivity, a holistic view of life, attention for the relationship of body and mind and feeling for interpersonal relationships. I am curious and not afraid of asking questions. A thinker yet practical & hands-on mentality, attention to detail and somewhat a perfectionist.

I love old wisdom and love to dig it out:-).

I get energized when I pick up some long-forgotten knowledge, blow the dust off it, tuck it into a new outfit and tadaaa…you get an easy and gentle new way to solve your problem. One of my talents is to make complicated things easy and pleasant.

And I add some personal touch to it. Something rare and so scarce these days, isn’t it?


Creative, curious, open-minded, enthusiastic and caring. That’s me.


What do I do?


GoSlowLiving is the place where I want to help you get your balance back. To stop, breathe and just be!


Go Slow Living stands for a personal touch, small scale and a spark of artisan flavour.


You get back to balance when you consciously choose experiences that have added value for you. Take one small step every day. They don’t have to be much, but real and meaningful. Deep inside you know when to step on the gas and when it is time foyou to start with “downshifting” and hit the brakes. “Tempo guisto” they call it in Italy, in Denmark they do “hygge” and in Sweden “lagom”.


Where could you best start?


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Join our community and let’s make Go Slow Living the one-stop for everyday wellness 🙂

It is a lot easier to be who you are when you know you are not alone. Every one of us has something to teach and something to learn.


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Take inspiration from what you read on Go Slow Living. Just dive in and start exploring. Then you know what works best for you. Start with yourself and then spread your experiences to your community. Come back at any time and share your knowledge with the GSL community.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You make a difference and you are appreciated!


Nice to meet you:-)