Why start fasting – 6 facts about fasting that you did not know yet

Fasting improves your mental and physical health

Before you continue reading: Are you pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, are you younger than 21 years ols or are  there any eating disorders possible, please  consult with your physician if fasting is a good idea for you.

Why fasting is hot?

What do you know about fasting?

Fasting has been around ever since. It is an essential part of many religions and is bound to certain days and periods of the year. Fasting is being practiced in natural medicine. Regular medicine also makes uses it. It is seen as a way to purify the body of toxins. A way to give the gastrointestinal system some rest. According to a study at the University of Southern California, a defective or poorly functioning immune system can be repaired by creating completely new white blood cells. And this process is a proven effect of fasting.

What is fasting all about?

Why start fasting - 6 facts about fasting that you did not know yet

Cycles in nature

What is fasting actually? Forty days without Facebook and Twitter? Occasional digital fasting is not a bad idea at all. But I am going to talk about “completely or partially abstaining from eating or drinking of certain foods for a certain period.”

You know that there are cycles in nature. The four seasons we are anjoying each year are an example. The sun and the moon also move in cycles. You have heard about eating seasonably. That the fruit and the vegetables taste best in the season that they grow up in the nature is a fact. A tomato ripened in the sun tastes much better than one from a greenhouse, right?

Give rest to your body twice a yearWhy start fasting - 6 facts about fasting that you did not know yet

The whole life on Earth goes in cycles. That is why it is good to let your body rest once or twice a year by leaving certain foods out of you daily diet. So, fasting once or twice a year by leaving meat and milk products for a while ensures that your body gets rest and time to throw certainunnecessary stuff out from your system.

Did you also know that there are many ways of fasting. Some are Intermittent Fasting, 16/8 fasting, 5: 2 Diet.

Could you get healthier and loose weight?

Intermitted fasting has been put in the spotlight in the recent years because many famous people practice it. It is claimed that intermitted fasting has many benefits, such as:

  • Improve insulin level.
  • Improves the functioning of the body cells.
  • Causes the process apoptosis, in which the damaged cells are recycled.
  • Can extend the life expectancy.
  • Reduces inflammation in your body, so the chance of disorders becomes smaller.
  • Increases the capacities of the brain.
  • Your resistance will improve.
  • You get the opportunity to get rid of your sugar addiction.
  • Turn on the process ketosis, using the fat cells as fuel in the body instead of storing them.
  • You loose weight because of the ketosis and WITHOUT starving.

How fasting can help you live a better life

Fasting does not only affect your physical condition. It also works on your mind.

  1. Improves the quality of your sleep.
  2. You remember things better.
  3. You are more positive in life and you have a better mood.
  4. You stand stronger on your feet because you have made the decision to start and you also persevere.
  5. You are more conscious about preparing and eating your meals.
  6. The “emotional eating” is probably less. You see your food more as high quality fuel and not a way to comfort you.

What should you pay attention to during fasting

During a period of fasting many people mainly eat carbohydrate and high-sugar foods. And that is not necessary at all. There is plenty of seasonal fruit, vegetables, but also cereals, nuts, seeds, dried fruit. They can all be part of a good and varied diet during fasting.

Why start fasting - 6 facts about fasting that you did not know yet

  • Eat varied and healthy foods. No cookies, chips and other junk.
  • Drink lots of water. That is extremely important. The water carries the waste out of the body.
  • Fasting is not suitable for everyone. If it does not feel right you can stop at any time. You do not have to force yourself to continue for a long time. You have tried it in any case. You can also try to become a flexible vegetarian if it suits you better. So, combine days with meat and without it. It is challenging but also very nice to see what delicious vegetarian dishes are out there.

My experience

Although I pay attention to my food, I was never into dieting. I eat variety of foods and am a flexitarier. I vary the days that I eat meat with vega days.

I believe that we benefit from a varied diet and that some foods are more stressful for us than others. And I think meat and dairy products are. The processing of meat in the human body involves toxins as a side product. The milk is mucus-forming. So, just like with alcohol, eat in moderation.

You will occasionally need a period to clean your system by excluding certain foods and give it a rest.

Back to the fact that the whole life on Earth goes in cycles. That is why, in my opinion, spring and autumn are very suitable to stop eating meat and dairy products for a while.

Does not matter if you can fast for 40 days like the Christian  peole do during the ‘Christmas fasts’ (Nativity fast). Just challenge yourself once and build your own experience.

In any case, I’m going to use this method of fasting in the coming weeks. It ‘s not that difficult to stick to and I am really curious what the results will be.

I will also be very happy if you want to let me know if you have already any experience with fasting?

Or maybe you have some tips?

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