32 Easy Ways to Create a Deep Peace of Mind. You can do this too!







This article will help you find the most effortless ways to keep your deep peace of mind in crisis times. At this very moment, many people struggle with the mental challenge to stay sane in times of a Covid 19 pandemic . Right now it is very important to know that no matter what the situation or the problem is we should keep a strong mental immunity.

According to Sister Shivani of Brahma Kumaris better known as BK Shivani, our state of mind is independent of the situation. Our state of mind is our choice. “ Keep your mind stable and make it your priority”, is Sister Shivani’s advise.


You can learn how to build strong mental immunity and how to keep your mind stable and then take advantage of it even after the Covid 19 pandemic.


Deep peace of mind meaning


Before we go let’s make sure what we all will talk about in a moment. What is peace of mind meaning?

If you Google on “peace of mind meaning” the first thing you get isPeace of mind is a mental state of calmness or tranquility, a freedom from worry and anxiety.” And because Wikipedia doesn’t make very clear what the deep peace of mind meaning is, a quick check at Merriam Webster clarifies that deep peace of mind meaning is “a feeling of being safe or protected”.

Sounds good, don’t you think? The question is how could you get there? So, shall we go to find this out then?

“Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama.” Anonymous



Peace of mind meaning



How can you preserve your deep peace of mind in frantic times?


There are these times when you feel stuck. It feels like you are in the middle of a tunnel and you are not moving forward. “You are lucky if you do not go backwards”, you may think. I agree with that, you are lucky.

But, no matter how hard you push you to keep pounding at the same place. Oftentimes you fall, then you rise again and you keep going like crazy. You have a plan.  You don’t give up and keep heading towards your idea. But despite that you work hard you feel you are drowning. You have the feeling that nothing is moving forward but only you are chasing your tail. You are stuck! Frustrating, isn’t it?


Should you stop? Have you made the wrong choice? Did you fail? Or you are being too impatient and you need to give it some more time?


The questions are rising one after another. Your thoughts come as waves that are chasing each other. And it goes on and on. Sometimes, all this is so overwhelming that you can’t think straight anymore and you panic. Frightening, don’t you think?

But, now is the moment you have to decide what should you do?


“Don’t miss the silver lining because you were expecting gold. Just because it didn’t turn out as you had envisioned, doesn’t mean it isn’t exactly what you need to get to where you ultimately want to go.”

Angel Chernoff



The good news is that there are some fantastic methods which could empower you to rise and take the lead. These surprisingly simple and practically free tools will help to get out of that tunnel.

Do you want to hear about the most effortless ways to keep your deep peace of mind in crisis times?

Let’s dive right in then.


“If you are driven by fear, anger or pride nature will force you to compete. If you are guided by courage, awareness, tranquillity and peace nature will serve you.”
― Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power


Peace for the mind is always available, but it requires effort, every day


“Oh, I know where you are heading” I hear you thinking “meditation”. Easy, we will get there too. But, first, let’s see if there are some other easy ways to help you find deep peace of mind.


1. Take a step back. This will be your first step towards finding deep peace for mind


How do you do this?

Think of the most difficult challenge you are facing right now. Imagine it’s not you but a dear friend who is facing this. What advice would you give to your best friend?


And now step back into your shoes. Are you following your own best advice right now?







2. Continue with a brain dump:-)  to make some space for your deep peace of mind


What I mean by that is that you get a piece of paper and make a mind map of your thoughts. This will help you to picture all the thoughts going on in your head.


Put that sheet of paper horizontally in front of you. Start writing in the middle with questions like “Which obstacles I face right now on the way to success and happiness?” Then you get the answers popping up in your head. All these you are going to write down around your question. Don’t stop when you think that you are done, and just keep writing. Often after the first wave of thoughts, you get another one.

As soon that you feel that you have got everything you can start connecting the dots. This way you will find out which is the real problem that you have to deal with. Is this the stress at your workplace or a “good friend” who drains your energy reserves and causes you stress.


3. Keep count of the things you have to do


Sometimes you head is about to explode because of the feeling that you have something to do and at the same time you don’t know what exactly it is. You can get a grip of this feeling after you have done the “brain dump”. Just keep a record of all the appointments and tasks you have and rate these by importance. Now you can see directly which ones you will pick up right away while the rest of the tasks can wait on your to-do list.


These two tricks will give you the feeling you are in charge and at the same time, you will not feel overwhelmed.


4. Look for a distraction on your way to a peaceful mind


Sometimes it is not that easy to switch your attention to something else. Then you keep staring at that what is disturbing your deep peace of mind. Then you need literally to remove yourself from the situation. Try to go outside for a walk or to do some sports you like. The power of the fresh air does miracles. Half an hour walk outdoors brings an oxygen boost to your blood what lifts the brain fog and gives you a wonderful feeling.

Or you may pick up that book you ever wanted to read but never got the time to do this. Open up your mind for new things and ideas.


5. Make use of your imagination


Imagine, you see your whole life in front of you. From the very beginning till the end of it. You are somewhere in the middle of you r life right now. And as you watch this whole lifetime line of yours how important are the difficulties you are experiencing at this very moment?

Through this “perspective view”, you will find out that you have had similar experiences already. And that you have managed to overcome these too. This could help you to take some things more lightly and focus on the things in your life that matter to you.


6. Start journaling. Journaling every day will bring you closer to the peaceful mind


Journaling has been always very positive for writing off of your thoughts, organizing stuff and making new plans.  When you put your thoughts on a piece of paper you naturally organize them. When you are done writing (it usually takes not more than fifteen minutes) just put it away so a while. You read it again the next time it is easier for you to see what matters to you and where you don’t have to pour any energy anymore.

Deep peace of mind comes naturally with the helicopter view you get by journaling over the stuff you have to manage.

This way you will give yourself a chance to calm down a bit and to organize the thoughts that are bothering you and disturbing your deep tranquillity.


7. Have a good chat with a friend will help to bring you deep peace of mind


 Sometimes it is very helpful to know you are not alone. Other people had to deal with the same challenges too. A good conversation with a good friend or someone you trust works therapeutical and soothes the wounds.

If it’s your kind of thing ask your friend for a hug. Physical contact with the people that are dear to you is relaxing. With this hug, you show affection and give love.




Deep Peace of mind




8. Live in the present moment


You have probably heard or read this many times, but how to put this in practice? Suppose you are busy with a task at your work and at the same time you are worried about how will be the traffic on your way back home. Or you are thinking about the next challenge waiting on your desk while having a good time outdoors.

Try to not do that. I know how difficult it is. If you manage to focus on the things that matter at the moment you will not only get more tranquillity. You will become more efficient in what you do too.


9. Do things not because you must, but because you want to 


The feeling that you “must” do stuff instead because you “want” to do this is very odd. This feeling brings unnecessary pressure, stress and aversion.

So, something like you don’t have to pick up this project at your work, but you want to do it. You don’t have to go to speak on public, but however that may sound a bit scary, you want to give it a try.


10. Stop feeling sorry for things that have happened in the past


Sometimes you keep hanging in what has happened and you wish there was a different scenario. My advice is if you wish to have peace in your mind try to not do this.  It is pointless because you can’t go back and change things. You have handled the situation in the best way possible at that past moment. Focus at your present, don’t feel sorry for the past and let it go.


11. Know that you have to be patient


There are moments you feel like you are a failure. You have a dream but the present reality miles away from where you eventually want to be. But, what if you are too early with wanting to see results? You look at the others on social media and it all looks so glamourous. But oftentimes they went a long way to come there. And people don’t like to show off their struggles, but the glitter and glamour get the attention the most.

And when you manage to be more patient you will feel calm and self-controlled.




deep peace of mind



12. Look for the small things on your way to tranquillity


What do I mean by that is that you just look around. When you walk your dog or when you have brought your kids to school and are heading to your work. Open your eyes and look around you. You will see that the world is not black and white but much more colourful than you thought.


13. Stop talking yourself down


Do you trap yourself comparing yourself with someone who you think is smarter, more handsome, richer, more fortunate and easy-going?

If you wish to feel miserable this is exactly what you should keep doing.

If you desire more tranquillity stop doing this, right now!

There always will be people that are more this or more that. You are made that way with a reason. “You are enough!” and you better start accepting yourself the way you are. No matter what the others say.

There is only one you. And your time is now.


14. Learn from your own mistakes


When you worry about something try to see it through a magnifying glass. Think about what could be the worst thing that could happen? How could you prepare yourself to anticipate this and minimize the damage?

When you have made a misjudgement or a mistake try to take the right decision the next time you are in a similar situation. Life tries always to teach you something, so pay attention.


15. “You get what you need and not always what you want”


Sometimes you don’t get directly what you want in your life. And this is o.k. Try to accept this fact. Be flexible and adjust to the current situation. Maybe, you are being not patient enough, or it maybe is not meant to be.

Keep in mind that good things happen at the most unexpected moments.


16. Get rid of the unnecessary rubbish in your life


When you have less stuff that surrounds you, you have fewer incentives to worry. What I mean by that is that you feel calmer in a quiet and tidy workplace or a spacious living room. When sleeping in a serene bedroom you have a better night sleep.

So, when you declutter your surrounding you make more room in your head for deep peace of mind.


17. Quit being angry


I know that it’s easier said than done. Maybe if you understand that the anger is harmful to you will be an incentive for you to work on that. The feeling of anger increases your stress level and you feel unhappy. Try to figure out how you could solve the problem. If you can’t get your anger under control try to write it off. Meditation and if you realize that your harm yourself this way will also help.




Peace of mind meaning




18. And now we finally get to the meditation mambo jumbo:-)


Hehe, so much reading and now we get to the point.

Meditation, what does it do and why this “abstract” practise holds people’s attention since the world turns?

Well, first of all, some hard data. Harvard University has conducted a study on how mindfulness changes the brain of depressed people.

In recent times there are a lot of modern methods employing meditation as a stress reliever.

Besides this, people leverage meditation to control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness and improve attention span.


Apart from the whole mystique related to meditation, there are easy ways to practice it every day.

The point is to try to focus on your breathing. This is how to do this:


  • Close your eyes and close your mouth.
  • Relax your whole body, relax your face and relax your jaw.
  • Take a deep breath. Keep your attention on the air that flows past your nostrils.
  • Breath out and start counting: “one”
  • Go on and each time you breathe out try to relax like you sink deeper in the mat, the chair or the floor you are sitting at.
  • Keep counting every time you breath out till you reach ten.


Easy peasy, right? If you couldn’t get rid of your wandering thoughts then keep breathing until you get to twenty.


Other to get to your desired deep peace of mind is to get rid of some habits or things which make you restless. This will consequently help you find inner peace.




Peace of mind




19. Light a candle


When you use essential oil or burn a scented candle you may help you to reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety.

According to PubMed “One increasingly popular type of alternative therapy is aromatherapy”.

Some scents have special calming properties. Some of these are:


20. Some supplements might come in handy to help you get your tranquillity back


  • Omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce anxiety symptoms.
  • Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb used to treat stress and anxiety.
  • Green tea may help you to lower stress by increasing the serotonin levels.
  • Valerian root is a popular sleep aid. It activates the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors which in turn reduces the stress levels.
  • Lemon balm is another herbal remedy which could help you to combat stress.


Things you should give up or start spending less time doing



21. Stop following the daily news

I don’t mean you have to hide into some sort of a cave. What I mean by that is that most news is negative, exaggerated, fueled by fear and mostly irrelevant.

If some news helps you to get a step closer to your goals then it’s o.k. If not, then just get into that cave and ditch it.


22. Are you constantly checking social media? Don’t do this!


Social media can be very handy if you have contacts all over the world, as I do. So, I am happy it is there. On the other hand, it can get out of control and start to possess you.

But you can get back in control. Just try to use social media only when it serves your purpose and then you will have your deep peace of mind back.


23. Groups Apps and your smartphone


Here is the same as above. Keep in mind that you are in charge.

Don’t let these to steal your attention from the things that matter to you.


24. Checking your email on your phone


Again a handy invention which could easily distract you and help you lose track. The best way is to limit yourself to checking your email once a day.


25. TV and TV abonnements


Watching TV at dinner time and then as soon as you call it the day you land at the couch a binge purposelessly everything that passes by on TV. Sounds familiar, he?

At the same time, there is this book, you wanted to read already for months. You are a member of the local gym where hmm…they probably don’t know who you are anymore. Do you know that you are not wasting your time, you are wasting your life in front of the TV.

So, my friend, switch the TV off, get off this couch, pick up this book and enjoy. Life is way too short to waste it this precious gift you have got!


26. Forget about multitasking


Hmm, here I will be short. Multitasking is not working. Period.

Next to this multitasking is causing a lot of chaos and consequently stress that it is not worth it. If you manage to get rid of the idea you are being more efficient by multitasking, you will become efficient.


27. Stop judging others


“Deep peace of mind comes from not wanting to change others.” Gerald Jampolsky

You are not perfect, nor are the others. When you accept this you get freer and calmer on the inside.


28. Avoid to judge yourself


I am a looser. Probably I could go where I want to be much quicker. For sure I must work harder. I am not good enough. I don’t deserve this…

Such misery. You do understand how much energy, happiness and self-worth we lose when we judge ourselves.

I am enough. I am good the way I am. Period.


29. Stop thinking that you “must” do things. Do things because you “want” instead


When you are forced to do things your natural reaction is to oppose it. So, it is not efficient, especially when you have to do things as going to work, going to school or doing your household chores, right?

What should you do instead is you find some reason for doing that, such as “through my work, I keep in touch with a lot of people”. This is in case you are a natural communicator. For the introverts, something like “I am learning new things every day at my work” is working better. Sure, your salary is important, but there should be something that let you get out of bed in the morning too.


30. Fear of failure


Being a perfectionist is a thing that you get as a gift from nature. Sometimes it is helpful, but more often it stands in the way. I am learning by doing and try to accept that sometimes the things are as they are. You can’t control everything and don’t have to. Sure, it is very efficient to have a plan, but you have to be somewhat flexible and adjust along the way.

To keep room for the possibility to fail once in a while should be also a part of your plan. The ability to rise, fix the damage, adjust and go on, this is the virtue that belongs to the happy and successful people.

This attitude in life will bring you tranquillity.


31. Being afraid to be who you are and searching for an approval


In our society people judge you if you are somehow different. You can call it as you want, but it is if you don’t do “normal” or look anyhow other than “normal”. It gets as far as if you don’t meet someone’s expectations you are not “normal” too. In the end, you forget who you are.

Well, in a world where there are things such as burn-out and a cardiovascular epidemy, plenty of people take anti-depressants I don’t think it is such a problem to not be “normal”.


Just stick to being who you are and build a stone wall for all the critics you get along the way. You will eventually get immune for what other people say and this will bring you your deep peace of mind, not someone else’s. When you are calm and thankful for who you are you will not only be happier, you will also manage to get the best of your life that is waiting for you out there.

On the flip side, you could choose to be unhappy and stressed. It is up to you. Don’t forget though you only have got this one life, so don’t waste it.




Peace of mind



32. Don’t get life to serious


Having fun in your life is one of the most important ways to your deep peace of mind. As I am naturally a “serious” person I am also learning on the go how to not get things that are going on to serious.

As a matter of fact, life is not a never-ending story. Pity, but that is a fact.

Philosophically speaking we should be all aware of our transience. Why? Because it puts your life in perspective. It makes things much simpler. Whatever you can achieve in life is not permanent. And as some wise folks say: You can’t take anything into your grave with you.

The only thing that matters is that whatever you do you do it with love and compassion. And that makes thing so much lighter, so much easier, isn’t it?


Peace of mind




I hope you have learned one or two new things from this article. But, you certainly have your ways to manage to keep your tranquillity when it gets busy. How do you manage to keep peace in your mind? Sometimes there are certain peace of mind quotes which do the trick. I, for instance, have learned to start my morning saying the mantra: “Life is beautiful”.  And yes, it certainly is . Said so, I am curious to learn what other peace of mind quotes there are that can help to go through your day.

Do you have your peace of mind quotes?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peace of Mind?

Peace of mind is mental state of calmness, freedom from worry, feeling of safety.

How can you preserve your peace of mind in frantic times?

There are some surprisingly simple and practical free tools which could help you to keep calm in crisis times.

Does meditation help with bringing you peace of mind?

Yes, it does. The whole point of meditation is to focus on your breathing. This way you get more oxygen to your brain. You also remove yourself from the state of focusing on the thing what makes you anxious and you concentrate on your breathing instead.

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      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment Manuela! There are so many challenges we are facing every day of our lives. In my opinion, everyone should make room for some kind of daily practise which will help you to get back in balance. Journaling can definitely be very helpful.

  1. Adriane says:

    This is such a powerful post filled with so much goodness. I have been utilizing a sit spot at the park next to my house every morning at 6am, followed by a mindufl walk while listening to scripture then journaling. It truly is filling my heart and mind!

    • Elena D. says:

      Hi Adriane, thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your way of getting back your peace of mind. Taking time for yourself early in the morning is told to bring positive changes and to increase your wellbeing through your day. One of my all-time favourites is the book of Robin Sharma, The 5 a.m. Club saying that rising up early upgrades your happiness, helpfulness and your feelings of aliveness. As a night owl creating my own early morning routine is still one of my challenges. But, I will definitely try to persist and get through my night owl genes:-)

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