Embrace the Autumn with open arms

5 reasons why Autumn is more than rain showers and yellow leaves

“The Winter walks on clogs, Autumn on slippers.” Gilbert Cesbron

The days are becoming shorter, the evenings are getting longer. Our energy level and sometimes our mood are going down. If you look at the falling leaves outside you might get the feeling that you long for a sunny summer day. But you don’t have to do that, the Autumn has a lot to offer to us.

Set up a new “To do” list.

Autumn lends itself to a reset. Review everything and evaluate the period that has passed, set up new goals for the coming period. Everything in life switches to a lower gear and you can oversee everything that has gone well or not that well. It is time to set up a new “To do” list for the coming period.

5 reasons why Autumn is more than rain showers and yellow leaves

Go for a walk in the woods.

Being close to nature is good for you. It brings you peace,  more energy and lots of inspiration. You may not be able to afford to go to the forest every day, but walking in the park or going out does miracles.

Move it!

Regular workouts are improving your metabolism, concentrating and releasing endorphins. You will have a better mood after one workout. Practising yoga prolongs your life and that has been scientifically proven. By exercising often you keep your body supple, improve your immune system and you get a better sleep. What are you waiting for?

Learn to meditate.

Daily meditation practice relieves stress, improves your self-awareness and increases your concentration. It also lowers depressive symptoms, improves your sleep and gives you a better mood. No matter how busy you are, you can always free up five minutes to meditate. So, why would not start meditating?

Store some more vitamin D.

The Summer is over now. Instead of the hot sunny days, we now have some not too warm but very pleasant and sunny autumn days. Make use of these days. Go outside as often as you can and enjoy the delightful sun. You will soon need it in the winter, this natural vitamin D.

Enjoy a pumpkin pie:-)Enjoy a pumpkin pie:-)

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