The benefits of a multivitamin and 3 best multivitamin brands

Are there any benefits of taking a multivitamin or is it just a marketing stunt and a waste of money? Do I get enough micronutrients from a balanced diet? If there are benefits which brands offer the best multivitamin?

It’s Autumn. Around this time of the year, I usually begin wondering if I should start taking a multivitamin supplement. It becomes colder outside, the sun is not so generous anymore and we can enjoy longer evenings. Enjoy, really? Well, I would prefer to be active till late in the evening instead of yawning at 6 PM already. But, I can’t help it. Would some multivitamin supplement make the difference?

There is a lot of controversy information out there.

Best multivitamin

Don’t we get enough micronutrients from a balanced diet?

Real food is always best. That is why this diet is called “balanced”. It is a diet consisting of a variety of different types of food and providing adequate amounts of the nutrients necessary for good health. It gives you all you need and ensures good health in long-term. Taking a multivitamin to “fix” a poor diet is a bad idea.

Are there any benefits or is it just a marketing stunt and a waste of your money?

Sometimes, there are situations in life you could use some help by temporary adding some extra vitamin and mineral supplements to your daily diet.

1. For instance, the body of people with darker skin can’t produce enough vitamin D on his own. Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins you need. In such cases a vitamin D supplement can come in handy. Especially in the Autumn and during the Winter.

2. Breastfed babies do need extra vitamin K.

3. Babies and kids up to their 4 years do need vitamin D supplement too.

4. Vegans and vegetarians are at high risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.

5. Pregnant and breastfeeding women need some additional nutrients, while others (like vitamin A) should be minimised.

So, consider your own situation and choose what is good for you. In some cases, you can benefit from a particular vitamin supplement. Then you do not need them all together. Or you can benefit from a mix of vitamins and minerals, the so-called multi. There are also different types of mutlivitamins, multi for men, multi for women, multi for kids, multi for pregnant women, multi for school kids. You name it.

If there are benefits which is the best multivitamin and which brands offer the best value for money?

When choose, choose wisely. So, no unnecessary additives, E-numbers, etc. There is a huge choice of vitamin supplements out there. These are according to me the best 3 multivitamin brands available at the moment.Best multivitaminBest multivitamin

  1. Orthica

The vitamin supplements of the Dutch brand  Orthica multi are free from synthetic fragrances, colours and flavours. There are different kinds of Orthica multi available. You can choose depending on your lifestyle or age. There are the Dino Multi for kids, Teener Multi, Prena Fem, Multi 4 Men, Multi 50+, Vegetarian Multi. I personally prefer the Dino Multi for kids.

  1. AOVBest multivitaminBest multivitamin

The vitamins and minerals in the AOV supplements are as natural as possible so that the body recognizes and absorbs them more easily. For example, natural supplements contain no artificial additives and are free of lactose, fructose, gluten and common allergens. If it is necessary to add something, this is clearly stated on the label. You can choose out of a range of AOV multi’s. Such as basics, junior and multi during pregnancy. For the ease, the multis are numbered, so you don’t mix them up.


Floradix from SalusBest multivitamin Best multivitamin

Salus  Floradix Epresat  is a food supplement providing vital vitamins A, B6, C and D for a normal function of the immune system. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and niacin contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. The ingredients which the German brand Salus uses are from certified organic cultivation. They do not use raw materials from genetic engineering in agriculture.

It is a liquid multivitamin formula. The Salus® Floradix Epresat®, multivitamin formula, contains herbal extracts and fruit juice concentrates. Epresat contains no alcohol, preservatives, colourings or artificial flavourings. 

In my oppinion, a healthy and balanced diet is the foundation of good health and our source of daily energy. Sometimes, when the seasons are changing, or you are having a stressful period in your life or some health isseue a vitamin supplement can give you an axtra boost of energy. Also for kids and elderly people, it could be useful. So, you can choose to take a multivitamin supplement for some time.


My advice to you would be, use your common sense.  In case you need some extra energy choose for the best multivitamin of a good quality multivitamins. When it’s about the best multivitamin it is not always the more expensive the better.  Do some research, read some reviews and make your choice.  This Autumn I would choose the Multi Basics from AOV.

Which multivitamin would you choose?

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