Back to balance


Balance is the art of achieving balance in everything you experience.


What was your favourite game as a child? Did you prefer to play outside with your friends or indoors? Do you remember the seesaw which you could find on almost every playground and how much fun it was to get on it with your friend and have fun? Sometimes there was a friend who really wanted to join you. But then one side became heavier and you were no longer in the air so it was not so nice anymore. You were out of balance.

Back to balance


How does it feel when your life is in balance?


Balance is the art of achieving harmony in everything you experience. A balance between effort and relaxation, between positive and negative experiences. It gives you room to come back to yourself and you get more energy to deal with the next challenge that awaits you on your way.



Hannie is my hairdresser. She is not that tall and has a delicate posture, she has short dark hair and dark eyes. Hannie is a mother and also a grandmother. She is highly sensitive, very open and communicative and is always there for you. We have known each other for a long time and always have pleasant conversations together.

Hannie is always busy with her work as a hairdresser and in the recent years, she is developing further in giving massages, coaching people in their Inner bodywork and personal development, and she also gives workshops and training.



Hannie has always been looking for a balance in her life, and she has succeeded to find the right path for herself. Currently, Hannie is in a transition from hairdresser to masseuse / personal coach. She makes her clients happy with beautiful and fresh hairstyles and she helps people to relax with her massages. She also supports her clients in finding a solution for some personal issues and in eliminating blockades that stand in the way of their personal development. She develops workshops and training courses too.

Out of balance


“Up to the point when my father died, then it became too much for me,” Hannie says. “I couldn’t handle it anymore, not even the positive things”.

She has got a burnout.

Hannie has got health problems, lost eight kilos of her body weight and broke up her relationship.

After a period of letting everything to calm down, she seeks help. “At the moment I am satisfied with the help of my orthomolecular therapist Theo van Liempt of Circle Therapy. Soon when  I am a step further with my recovery and I need some other guidance, I will look further”, says Hannie.



On a quest for more balance


To have a burnout is harsh. Hannie doesn’t give up and begins by the cause when solving her problem. She follows a therapy and she is in contact with the right people who are helping her in her recovery process. As a highly sensitive person, she is more vulnerable than the majority of the people and she is asking herself many questions. She also gets the answers to her questions and this way she goes further, one step at a time.

On this quest to redeem herself she is slowly finding her new balance point. Soon she can also help other people by using her experience.

“The full confidence that the support of the Universe provides the right people and situations on my path supports the recovery of my Inner Power”, Hannie adds in the end.

Balance is the art of achieving harmony in everything you experience.


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