Me and my yoga mat:-) or how I was convinced that yoga really does something for you

Imagine. You sit on your yoga mat, you close your eyes, you breathe in and then out and then …

I am practicing yoga. Who don’t you may think? Or maybe you think something like “Yoga, so vague, it’s not my cup of tea”. It is nice if you practice yoga, but if you don’t it’s o.k. to.

But suppose you do follow yoga classes and when you’re comfortably sitting on your yoga mat you might wonder: “Why do I do that, why do I go to yoga and not to Zumba or Pilates or something else”? Just because you might like the class, or because your friend also goes to the yoga class and you just go along, because you just like it there. I went because I thought it was a nice lesson, and I still think so.
The only disadvantage for me is that the yoga class is given in the morning at my gym and this way it is at the expense of my working time. So, I went there but not regularly, until Wednesday morning last week.



Hop on your yoga mat en let’s go!


I’m busy, busy, busy lately. With my private life and with my website that I am building, there is a lot to do. And although I am aware nowadays of the fact that if you take good care of yourself then you also perform better, still I notice that when I am very busy I pay less attention to myself. Then I skip doing sports, thinking something like now I don’t have time for it, I leave the good night rest for better times and all this kind of things.

At one point I realized that my body is also being bothered by all the pressure. And every day my body lets me know a bit harder about this: You have taken too much hay on your fork. “Oh, my neck hurts, and my shoulders hurt to”. The next day this annoying feeling also manifested itself in my arm. Last week I thought, “I have to go to the gym and I have to do that now!” finally realizing that the things are going the wrong way. “Tomorrow morning is the Hatha yoga class at my gym. Yes, but in the morning I have to work. Just go!”

And the next morning, after a short discussion with myself I went straight to the gym, back to my yoga mat. And I will just continue to do that.


But why? Are you sure?


It’s a pleasant yoga practice again, everyone is sitting quietly on his yoga mat, the candles are burning, quiet music gently beats in the background. The class starts. The yoga teacher shows us the exercises we have to do and explains what each exercise is good for. “This exercise is good for your liver,” she says during a stretch. “This exercise allows the energy to flow through your body” and we go on. “It’s a nice lesson, just all that about the energy and the liver and else I don’t really notice all of it, but o.k. I will definitely get muscle ache after all those stretches, but it’s a pleasant lesson.”

At the end after the “Namaste” everyone goes back to his “to do” list for that day, and so do I.

In the course of the afternoon, I suddenly think: “I believe that the annoying feeling in my body is now bothering me less, and it feels like the tension in my neck and shoulders has also weakened.”Later on, I forget about all this until in the evening after one more busy day I feel that I still have some energy left and the annoying burden in my body is almost gone. “Hey, what is this? I feel much better than in the recent weeks, the unpleasant feeling is almost gone from my body.” How come?” I didn’t do anything different than in the last few weeks, except for the hatha yoga class.”

Next week on Wednesday morning you can find me at the gym, at my yoga mat and I will not give up on doing this, no doubt about it. Just because I like it!

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