Robin Sharma, The monk who sold his Ferrari

Author: Robin Sharma

publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

number of pages: 160 pages

genre / subject – Mind, Body & Spirit

ISBN13: 9780007848423

Available via:

“A fascinating story full of wise life lessons and a pleasure to read”, Paulo Coelho, author of De Alchemist

Robin Sharma, The monk who sold his Ferrari

Have you succeeded in life if you own a Ferrari?

According to the top lawyer Julian Mantle you do. At the moment a heart attack costs him almost his life, Julian Mantle turns his life around completely. Julian asks himself what is the original reason for his existence. The top lawyer takes a radical decision to break with his old luxurious and busy being and goes on a quest to India to find his real self.

After wandering through the country, Julian lands in a village high in the Himalayas. His mystical wise residents have developed a system through which a person can improve the quality of his life. The system consists of a holistic set of principles and techniques. These techniques help to activate and develop the potential of the mind, the body and soul.

After some time spent among the sages of Sivana, the former top lawyer had mastered their living principles. At the end of his stay, Julian gets the instruction to go and spread their wisdom in his world.

“Success from the outside starts from the inside” 

By changing your way of thinking, you also change your life. In order to achieve that you do not have to fix yourself on the result, you can better enjoy the process of personal development and growth.”Robin Sharma, The monk who sold his Ferrari

Robin Sharma

Canadian writer and expert in successful leadership Robin Sharma writes besides his bestseller 12 more books. He is the founder of a training company called Sharma Leadership International.

Easy to read, practical and inspiring

If you want to know more what life is all about and how your life can become more meaningful, this book is highly recommended. In the book, the writer mixes the spiritual wisdom of the East with the practical and business sense of the West. There are seven techniques provided, supplemented with practical examples and tips. You do not have to plough through a complicated philosophical substance. It is easy to read and inspiring. The techniques are practical and applicable. After each chapter, there is a brief overview of the lessons from that chapter.

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