Heading towards sustainability, from primary school to professionals

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors. We Borrow It from Our Children”

This saying of the Canadian Haida Indians expresses the challenge our generation faces. It is vitally important that mankind starts looking at life on Earth in a new way. It is time to find new ways for an environmentally friendly economy. If you and I want to give a good future to the children we must develop a sustainable society.

10 October 2018, the Day of Sustainability in The Netherlands

Children have a lot of questions and ideas about how the world can be cleaner, more beautiful and fairer. On October 10, 10,000 students, mayors, parents, teachers, aldermen, directors, sustainable professionals and many others read from the new book ‘The power of new energy’.

book on sustainable energy

Urgenda, the national organization for sustainability and innovation in the Netherlands, is organizing this year for the tenth time The Day of Sustainability. On this day grown-ups read from the book “The power of new energy” at thousands of elementary schools. The 18 stories about the new energy have been written by students from the teachers’ college for primary education. This book is illustrated with the drawings of primary school children. After reading the children talk about nature, the environment and sustainability.

Urgenda also works together with the Dutch business community to be able to build an environmentally friendly economy. Together they organize various activities on the Day of Sustainability.

Learning from toddlers to professionals

Learning about sustainability in the Netherlands does not end up with this one annual information activity at primary schools. The Coöperatie Leren voor Morgen unites various parties and uses various projects and activities to learn about sustainable development.Sustainability - recycle, reuse, reduce

Higher education

Higher education in the Netherlands is also working hard on sustainability. On 10 October, Radboud University will organize a number of activities under the sustainability motto, including a lecture on healthy eating. The University of Twente is also participating in the Day of Sustainability with his colleagues. Erasmus University in Rotterdam goes a step further during its Erasmus Sustainability Days earlier this year. A 3-day program in which students discuss together with representatives from the business community how we can make a difference at local, national and international level.

Together we can make a difference.

What do you do about sustainability?

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