Start this spring with a fresh new beginning with these 5 tips

Embrace the new beginning!

Have you noticed what is going on outside? Just stop for a moment and have a look! Do you see it? Yes, spring is coming!

Hurrying here, rushing there, me and you, we are all busy. But, you know what? We miss it all, we miss the most important things, the small things, we miss the spring coming. And this is what life is all about, the small things.

In this article, I will give you a few tips to inspire you to become more conscious and to embrace the new beginning the spring has to offer you.

Start this Spring with a fresh new beginning

The Spring Equinox

Spring equinox


The spring starts with the Spring Equinox. The word “equinox” comes from the Latin “equinoxium” meaning equality of night and day. It is a sigh we have endured the cold and now it is time to celebrate the warmer weather. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox is on March 20th and each day until the Summer Solstice on June 21, the sun will continue to get higher in the sky and the amount of daylight we get will grow.


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How do people around the world celebrate Equinox

People in Chitchen Itza, Mexico gather at a pyramid to watch the afternoon sun which creates a shadow that looks like a snake sliding down the staircase of the pyramid.

Many people come to Stonehenge in England to watch the picturesque sunrise at this prehistoric monument.


In India, people celebrate the start of spring with Holi, a colorful gathering where people sing and dance, and splash their loved ones with colored powder and water.



“We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives.” Gary Zukav

Get a Fresh Start with these 5 simple tipsStart-this-Spring-with-a-fresh-new-beginning

  1. Get outdoors and observe nature around you!
  • Have you already noticed that the days get longer? Did you know that the increasing sunlight is what triggers the birds to sing? Cool, isn’t it?
  • Do you feel that the sun is getting stronger? Both we and the animals are ready to get rid of the heavy winter clothes.
  • Can’t you wait to get outdoors? For those of you who love gardening, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start to sow seeds.
  • Are you craving fresh foods after a long winter? Go and find some new fresh recipes to enjoy the power fresh plants have to offer to us for a new beginning.
  1. Get active and build up a brand-new running routine


The spring is the perfect time to start a running routine. Here are some reasons why you should put on your running shoes this spring:

  • Wonderful weather.
  • A lot of fellow runners on the street for extra encouragement- thanks to the perfect weather you will not be alone and lonely.
  • Awesome atmosphere – just look at the color palette outside and you know exactly what I mean.
  • Lots of Daylight – you have more time to get your workout done. Moreover, you most probably will also be in a much better mood to not give up as a newbie runner.
These few ideas will help you enjoy the spring and being active outdoors at it’s fullest:

– Ramp up slowly. This way you will diminish the chances of an injury. Increase by no more than 10 per cent each week.

– Invest in good running shoes. You should replace your running shoes every 500 to 800 kilometers. Keeping a running log could be useful in this case.

– Set a challenging yet achievable goal for yourself. This works motivating and gives you a purpose for getting in those kilometers.

– Be prepared for the weather. The weather in the spring is pretty unpredictable. So, make sure you are equipped for the cold mornings with long pants, gloves and maybe a cap, but have also shorts and t-shirts for the warm parts of the day.  It’s handy to have a good water resistant jacket too.

– If seasonal allergies are teasing you, you might consider joining the local gym or invest in a treadmill until the sneezy season subsides.

  1. Let the light come into your houseStart-this-Spring-with-a-fresh-new-beginning

During the winter you stay mostly inside and make your house warm and cosy. But now the spring is in the air. It is time to bring the light and the bright colors from the outside world into your house. Bring in some beautiful flowers and plants. Regularly open a window to bring in that wonderful spring fragrance.

If you are in for some more changes you could roll up your sleeves and clean up your house more thorough. Look around in your house, look into the cupboards and drawers, check out for things you don’t need anymore and give them to someone who does. You could also choose a new wallpaper or paint for your living room or go for some new furniture.

It’s all up to you, as long as that gives you a new perspective.

  1. Get a broom and go through your to-do list

Have a closer look at all the things you have put on your plate and throw the unnecessary ones into the garbage bin. It is easier said than done, but if you do this you will realize there are a lot of small things you have been carrying all the winter like a heavy coat on your shoulders. So, you could put your spring jacket on by erasing the low priority ones and you can feel lighter and freer!

Start this Spring with a fresh new beginning 5. Start with a positive change that inspires you

See the start of this new season as an opportunity. Opportunity for a fresh new beginning.

You could start working on your personal development for instance. Why not buy a book on some new topic to explore. I would highly recommend the book of Robin Sharma “The monk who sold his Ferrari”.

You could also take a closer look at your eating habits and dive into the world of real food where is no place for added sugar, processed foods and additives.

Or if you always have been curious about yoga and meditation you could explore it this spring.


The spring is coming in the Northern hemisphere of our planet Earth. Let’s embrace it and enjoy all the new opportunities it brings to us.

With the few small tips, I gave you in this article you are already on your way towards a fresh start.

And what is your experience with a new beginning?  What has helped you when you needed a fresh start?

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