4 benefits of slow workout


It’s a beautiful summer. Many people enjoy their holidays and life is going differently than during the rest of the year, slower and more relax. You are away or maybe not, but you enjoy the sun and the warmth that the summer gives us in abundance.

There is still a little of this summertime left and then everyone will return to his or her daily life, his environment, his work, all back to normal. You will also go back to your gym to start your workouts again, right? I will certainly do.


Get rid of those holiday kilos! 


And then you wonder what is the easiest way to get rid of your holiday kilos? How do you get the best out of yourself as effortlessly as possible? How do you avoid injuries without any exercising for weeks?


How do you do that?


The answer is actually simple, you have to have a slow workout. Really? Yes, and that has even been scientifically proven. Scientists from the University of Sao Paulo have come to the conclusion after their research that the slow pace resistance training ensures the best results.

Resistance training with slow speed of movement is better for hypertrophy and muscle strength gains than fast speed of movement



4 benefits of slow workout



The benefits of a slow workout


What benefits a training with a lower intensity does offer?

1. You increase your muscle strength faster than people who train hard and fast.

2. Less effort with more effect.

3. Less chance of injuries and more health benefits such as more energy. You feel better about yourself.

4. In less time you get the body you desire, you lose your vacation kilos faster.

It is certainly difficult to stay in that squat for a few more seconds, but that will put your muscles to work without experiencing the stress of a hard and fast training. In addition, the strength of your muscles grows faster than if you put them to work briefly but very hard. I also prefer to perform slowly all the exercises during my resistance training. It feels more comfortable and I feel exactly where my limits are.

I wonder what is your personal experience?

Are there more benefits of training at a low pace?

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